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Out of sync

Official Selection International Film Festival Venice 2021

Official Selection International Film Festival Toronto 2021

Synopsis : a sound designer finds refuge from broken relationships with her ex, her colleagues and her mother in the studio, where she can spend hours recording Foley and wild tracks, editing and mixing. But is her brain starting to slip out of sync ?

Out of sync (2021) - Feature film 104 minutes  

Director : Juanjo Giménez
Cast : Marta Nieto, Miki Esparbé, Fran Lareu, Luisa Merelas, Cris Iglesias, Julius Cotter, Iria Parada, Francisco Reyes
Cinematography : Javier Arrontes
Editing : Cristóbal Fernández
Production Designers : Antonio Pereira, Miriam Devesa
Screenplay : Juanjo Giménez, Pere Altimira
Sound : Oriol Tarragó, Marc Bech, Dani Fontrodona
Original Score : Domas Strupinskas
Executive Producer Luisa Romeo
Producers : Juanjo Giménez, Luisa Romeo, Birgit Kemner, Philippe Gompel, Marija Razguté 

Production Company
Frida Films (Spain)
Manny Films (France)
M-Films (Lithuania)

Distribution - International Sales 
Le Pacte

Venice International Film Festival 2021 - Official Selection Giornate degli Autori
Toronto International Film Festival 2021 - Contemporary World Cinema