a film directed by Tristan Aurouet
Psychological thriller (Released on the 21th of september 2011)

Jean Hugues Anglade - Vincent Descharnes
Nassim Si Ahmed - Wilson
Marie Ange Casta - Deborah
Finnegan Oldfield - Stan Casarelli
Gilles Lellouche - Oscar Herrera
Philippe Lellouche - Fabrice Herrera
Patrick Descamps - Father Casarelli
Eric de Montalier - Blandin
Sylvie David - Mother Casarelli
Aissa Maiga - Mother of Wilson
Zlatko Buric - Milos

Vincent Descharnes is an ordinary cop. Ten years ago, he buried a dirty business to save his skin. Stan and Wilson, share their passion for Deborah but also share a dark secret. Ten years ago, they suffered from a trauma that no child can recover. Wilson wants to forget. Stan wants to speak, without knowing that he will put in motion a terrible plot…

Director : Tristan Aurouet
Screenplay : Dominique Turin
Adaptation and dialogues : Tristan Aurouet, Bruno Rolland, Jérôme Reijasse, Dominique Turin
Director of photography : Arnaud Potier
1st assistant director : Benjamin Blanc
Script : Chloé Gourmel
Casting director : Antoine Carrard
Unit production manager : Anthony Crozet
Sound : Eddy Laurent
Costume design : Fred Cambier
Make up : Simine Commien
Coach actors : Karine Nuris
Stunt : Gil Demurger
Production manager : Jean-Marc Deschamps
Production administrator : Corinne Houillon
Assistant production manager : Nelly Thermeau
Production coordinator : Karolina Mazuc
Producer : Philippe Gompel, Aurélia Grossmann

Manny Films

Onyx Films

With the participation of
Cine Cinema
Département de la Charente-Maritime et de la Région Poitou-Charentes

With the support of

Distribution France and International sales
BAC Films

Festival Paris Cinema - 8 july 2011