LASCARS, Season 1
directed by Tristan Aurouet
12 episodes of 13 minutes
Comedy (Broadcasted since the 8th of july 2012)

PRIZE Best Series (short format) - Official Selection 14th TV Fiction Festival, La Rochelle 2012

Alexandre Achdjian - Jo
Issa Doumbia - Barquette
Pablo Pauly - Polo
Nassim Si Ahmed - Malik

The everyday life of an inseparable group of buddies, Jo, Polo, Malik and Barquette, who grew together in the same district. At the beginning of the season, Jo’s parents move back to their home village and leave their son with a 5 rooms apartment; in other words …the good life is just about to start...

Director : Tristan Aurouet
Screenplay : IZM, Eldiablo, Eric Benzekri
Adaptation : Tristan Aurouet, IZM
Narration : Eric Benzekri, IZM, Tristan Aurouet
In collaboration with : Alexis Dolivet, Emmanuel Klotz
Director of photography : Stéphane Vallée
1st assistant director : Benjamin Blanc
Set decoration : Pierre Pell
Casting director : Antoine Carrard
Unit production manager : Christophe Masson
Make up : Simine Commien
Coach actors : IZM
Editor : Cyril Besnard
Music : Lucien "Papalu", De La Soul
Production manager : Yannis Cullaz
Production administrator : Kim Courcelle
Production coordinator : Christine Gicquel
Producer : Philippe Gompel, Aurélia Grossmann

Manny Films

With the participation of
Canal+ Création Originale
Sofica Hoche Artois
Sofica Coficup - a Backup Films fund

Wth the support of
l’Acsé – Fonds Images de la diversité

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