an animated feature film directed byAlbert Pereira Lazaro and Emmanuel Klotz
Comedy (Released on the 17th of june 2009)

Critic's Weeks - Cannes Festival 2009
Séance Spéciale

Vincent Cassel - Tony Merguez
Diane Kruger - Clémence
Omar et Fred - Sammy et Narbé
Gilles Lellouche - Zoran
IZM - José Frelate
Hafid F. Benamar - Momo
Frédérique Bel - Manuella
Diam's - Jenny
Vincent Desagnat - John Boolman
Franck Sinius - Casimir
François Levantal - Le juge
with the participation of Eric Judor

Condé-sur-Ginette is a ghetto, far away from the Caribbeans’ warm sand, palm trees and blue lagoons. We are in summer. The sun burns the tarred roads, asphyxiates the buildings and burnout people’s minds. Down here, everyone dream of Santo Rico’s beaches. Some, more than others… Tony Merguez and José Frelate, the two district’s MC’s, are about to go on holidays. Unfortunately their travel agency forgot their destination’s name. Back to Condé-sur-Ginette! To overcome this failure, Tony imagines himself as Montana in Scarface and tries to sell out some fresh weed, “nicely” lent by Zoran, a nasty and feared brute. As for José, he gets into the skin of Don Juan, working in a big mansion occupied by the beautiful and gentle… Clémence. Everything could work out – If a crazy mistress, a Norwegian sauna, a tough judge, angry cops or unable movie directors did not decide it otherwise.

Director : Albert Pereira Lazaro, Emmanuel Klotz
Screenplay and dialogues : Eldiablo, IZM, Alexis Dolivet
Screenplay consultants : François Desagnat, Thomas Sorriaux
Sound : Bruno Mercere
Music : Lucien "Papalu", Nick Varley
Characters design : Laurent Nicolas
Animation Director : Thomas Digard
Animation Studio Director : Marc Drahmi
Making of : Nicolas Ratieville
Unit production manager : Annaïck Tidas
Production trainee : Mélanie Robert, Perrine Dubois, Benjamin Tonetti
Production coordinator : Karolina Mazuc, Mathilde Dakin
Line producer : Emmanuel Franck
Producer : Philippe Gompel, Roch Lener

Studio 37
France 2 Cinema
Toon's and Tales (Germany)

With the participation of
Cinemages 2
France Televisions Distribution

With the support of
Acsé – Fonds Images de la diversité

Bac Films

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