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Zoe Cassavetes Explores Feminism Through a Teenager's Eyes in 'Junior'.

Junior is a coming-of-age drama digital series about a teenage girl ensnared in an unexpected love triangle with her mother and her mother's boyfriend.

Junior centers on Logan, a 16-year-old New Yorker turned Los Angeleno trying to find her voice as a filmmaker as well as her place in a new high school.
At home, Logan is confronted with her newly single mom and her mom's problematically charming producer boyfriend.
At school, she enters into a complicated friendship with classmate and muse Jess.
In between it all, Logan tries—and epically fails—to embody the empowered female she wants to be, learning a hell of a lot about how relationships work in the process.

Junior (2017), starring Lucia Ribisi, Kristine Froseth, Amy Seimetz (Stranger things, Girlfriend experience), Eric Johnson, premiered at Rome Film Festival and was considered one of 10 best webseries 2017 by Indiewire.